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All our sales are understood as being made under the following terms, or under any terms may be agreed in special agreements:

  1. We are entitled to cancel or delay orders, in all or in part, when it proves impossible to supply the materials for reasons of force majeure which arise either at our establishment or at those of our suppliers. Such occurrences relieve us from obligations previously entered into upon acceptance of the order, and stop any claims for reimbursement of damages made against us, either directly or through subsequent claims. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery terms are to be regarded as indicative, and are not binding on the seller's side. The seller is not required to provide any type of indemnity for direct or indirect damages resulting from delays in delivery or from the interruption or partial or total termination of the supply.
  2. The merchandise is shipped on behalf of - and at the risk of - the client, even in the event of sales for which special agreements stipulate that the shipping costs are covered up to the destination of the goods. In the event of tampering, defects, missing pieces etc., it shall be the responsibility of the recipient to write up, before taking possession of the merchandise, and in the presence of the shipper, a proper report of acceptance of any irregularities and damage to the goods. We shall select the means of transport, based on potential benefits and convenience, unless the client makes a precise request. The merchandise is insured only at the request of the client, and at the client's expense.
  3. Claims regarding the shipment or delivery of the merchandise and its quantity or quality must, without fail, be made no later than 8 days from the date of receipt of the merchandise. In the event of claims involving missing pieces or product defects, such claims shall be accepted only if accompanied by a copy of the delivery form on which the reserves expressed to the shipping party upon receipt of the shipment are indicated. Claims regarding invoices must, without fail, be reported no later than fifteen days from receipt of the document. The Seller shall not be held responsible for results obtained by clients through the use of the merchandise sold to them, but only for the quality of the finished products. Packing materials cannot be returned, given that they are billed at cost. No claims or disputes regarding single deliveries of merchandise relieve the purchaser from taking receipt of the remaining quantity of the merchandise within the terms established under the order or the agreement entered into. The purchaser waives the right to press claims without first having met its obligations.
  4. Returned merchandise is only accepted with the explicit consent of the seller, in which case all the shipping expenses shall be borne by the client. Merchandise shall not be accepted without the original packing materials, and 10% of the value of the merchandise shall be deducted to cover additional expenses arising from the return of the merchandise.
  5. All electric, electronic and mechanical equipment is guaranteed for 12 months from manufacturing defects. The guarantee does not cover damage caused by improper use, dropping, tampering, use of supply materials not in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications or attempts to make repairs by unauthorized personnel. Our responsibility is limited to ensuring that the equipment is operational, in accordance with the provisions of the guarantee, and does not cover any requests for reimbursement for inconveniences of any type whatsoever declared by the purchaser.
  6. The selling party shall be entitled to terminate this agreement - with the termination to be made by means of a registered letter, going into effect immediately - in all circumstances involving a change in the buyer's situation: bankruptcy, incapacity, suspension of payments, dissolution or changes in the company name, as well as instances of non-payment or incomplete or delayed payment, in which case the seller shall consider that all contractual supply commitments are no longer binding.